3M makes the best vinyl, period!

Why 3M? They own all of the best patents, so they are able to produce the best material.  This is why we only print and cut on 3M vinyl. Read more about our materials below!

The web is full of decal vendors who have great decal designs, but use sub par vinyl to produce them. This means that in as little in a few months, your decal may be cracking/peeling/fading in the sun. We simply will not sell this type of material! We have stocked 3M materials exclusively for years!


Our most common decal is printed on 3M IJ35C-20 vinyl. The link will take you to 3M' spec sheet for this product. We sell A LOT of this vinyl, and our customers couldn't be happier! We print 720 x 720 with a Roland VP 540i printer, which produces a clean, vibrant image every time!

Our cut decals are made from 3M SC50 5 year vinyl. Again, this is a very quality product! We have special stocking agreements with our vendors which give us access to this material at a much lower price, and we pass those savings on to you!