24 Pack 3M Funny prank Sticker Combo Value Pack Extreme Edition Toolbox LOL Humor

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Alright so here we have a bunch of hilarious prank decals. You'll definitely get a laugh at someone else's expense with these. You might even make them laugh too! Or you won't, but who cares!


We pay a dude to print these in vivid detail on a really fancy printer. Then we pay another dude to put his face 8 inches away from your decal and stare at it for a while to make sure there are no blemishes, ink drops, or scratches. Then we pay yet another dude to sit by the computer 14 hours a day to send them out quickly after they are ordered. A lot goes into making one of these. 


(4 each) DRIVER IS GAY and DRIVER IS JERKING OFF decals: 2" x 4" - Slap one of these onto some poor sucker's bumper! He will wonder why everyone keeps honking at him...

(4) I'M SO GAY I CAN HARDLY DRIVE STRAIGHT  decals: 3" x 8"  and (12) GAY PRIDE FLAG decals: 2.1" x 3.5" - Gay Pride is important! Stick one of these beauties onto your buddy's bumper to let his fellow driver know that he is out of the closet and proud of it!

Why Us? We don't just drop a sticker in an envelope then go count our money. We put A LOT of thought in how we deliver our products. We are obsessive about it. If we make you happy, you come back. If you come back, we make more money. We really like money so we plan on making you happy. Oh yeah, we also include some free swag with every order.

We produce and ship from Lewisville, TX right here in the good ol' USA!